Features of our Child Focused Program
Our unique curriculum is designed by qualified educators from early childhood fields. Our curriculum seeks to be enriching and well balanced with a wide range of developmental activities both indoors and outdoors.  The curriculum incorporates Languages, Mathematics and Science experiences, as well as creative activities in Speech & Drama, Music & Movement, Art and Craft.  Lessons are conducted in English and Mandarin and the emphasis is on informal social experiences that are child-centered and geared to a child’s needs and interests. We look into delivering every aspect of your child’s life: from physical, intellectual, creativity and social & emotional aspects. To cater for the different age groups, we provide the following Programmes :

Learning through discovery and exploring is much emphasized here, especially learning through play and project-based approaches in our Active Learning Stations.

PLAY is important to all developmental aspects of a child.  Following are some of the findings and definitions stated by researchers and scholars.

2+ to 3+ years old (Pre-Nursery)
This is specially designed for this age group to encourage learning through play, discovery and exploring in a fun and challenging way. The programme emphasizes on daily living experiences like independence in self-help skills, socialization, learning through play, classroom language activities and movements with major emphasis on large muscle activity,.  The children will be provided with materials and opportunities to practice self-help skills and language acquisition through daily routine play activities and social interaction.
4+ years old (Nursery)
The programme is designed to provide foundation initiation to prepare children for the development in 6 key areas of learning:

  1. Personality building (E.g. Self Esteem)
  2. Social development (E.g. relating to peers)
  3. Emotional development (E.g. Coping with anxiety)
  4. Physical development (Motor skills)
  5. Cognitive development (Languages & Math/Science concept) and
  6. Creative Development (E.g. imagination in arts, dramatic play, etc.)
This program provides them with greater variety of experiences like finer motor activities e.g. writing, cutting, painting, challenging physical activities and foundational cognitive building activities.
5+ to 6+ years old (Kindergarten)
The programme will gear towards preparing the children for their Primary school education. There will be more challenging fine motor skills activities, learning station activities, pre-school readiness activities like reading program, writing, early math concepts, science discovery, music and movement, art, phonics and language development. Our teachers facilitate the children to acquire positive learning attitudes, characters and appropriate social skills through meaningful day-to-day experiences by active observation and intervention.
Parental involvement is encouraged as it supports children's growth and development as well as contributes towards positive home center relationship Close rapport amongst parents, children and teachers are encouraged. We believe that informal discussions on a child's development, progress and problems between parents and teachers hold the key to staff-parent rapport. As teachers in the Centre and parents at home are the primary element of a child's progress, we therefore hope to work hand-in-hand with the parents in the care and education of their children.

Parental talks, Parents-Teacher Meetings, parental involvement events such as Mid Autumn Festival and Chinese New Year are held regularly for effective means of communication between the home and the centre.
Our unique Portfolio Assessment equips the teachers to assess your child’s development, needs and strengths through observation and analysis of the child’s work.  The written comments, interpretation, and assessments will be recorded in the Progress Report and Portfolio report every 6 months. The centre will organize Parent-Teacher Conferences in Jun & Dec annually to allow discussion and feedback sessions with the parent on the progress of the child.
Our centre plans and designs the field trips to acquaint your child with the world around him/her and are arranged as often as possible.  The children are actively engaged in various activities with relate to the venue of the field trips.
Our meals are certified by Health Promotion Board and the centre has been awarded with the “Healthy Eating Award” since 2007. Meals at the Centre are prepared in accordance with the regulations and recommendations of the Ministry of Health.
The children are learning through discovery and exploring is much emphasized in the centre, especially learning through play. During learning stations, children are provided with varied stimulating and educational resources, materials and equipments to explore and manipulate. The learning stations are arranged and planned with activities relating to the six core areas of development: Aesthetics and Creative expression, Environmental Awareness, Language and Literacy, Motor Skills development, Numeracy, self and social awareness.
In our centre, we conduct project work in three phases developed by early childhood experts Lilian G. Katz, Ph.D., and Sylvia C. Chard, Ph.D. The three phases guide the children through in-depth study of the given topics. Children work in groups to explore and develop the project by the five structural features such as discussion, field work, representation, investigation and display.
Professional Swimming Course
Swimming is not just a good form of exercise; it provides the child with life-time safety and endless fun in water and boosts their confidence. The swimming lesson is conducted once a week by professional and experience instructors specialized in training children to achieve the proper and correct swimming skills. Certification accredited by Singapore Swimming Council will be awarded in accordance to each level of achievement.
Speech and Drama (Helen O'Grady)
Helen O'Grady Asia Pte Ltd was appointed Master Franchisor for Eastern Asia in 2001 after five years of owning two Helen O'Grady franchises in Singapore and Hong Kong. With more than twenty years of experience in business, service, teaching and drama experiences, the Master Franchisor is equipped with a strong team to support the franchisees in Eastern Asia. The aims of the Academy are to help children, aged 5-17 years, develop:
Enthusiasm, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Communication Skills and Social Skills...